Apple Marmalade (1)

Boil some pippins till they begin to get tender, then put them into cold water; pare and core them; squeeze the pulp through a sieve and put it over the fire, letting it remain till it becomes very thick; then weigh an equal quantity of fine sugar; boil it till the sugar arises in 6parkles which cluster together; put the marmalade to it, and stir them well with a wooden spoon till the apple begins to boil; then take it off and when a little cool, put it into pots, but do not cover them till quite cold.

Apple Marmalade (2)

Pare, core, and cut your apples into small pieces, put them into water with a little lemon-juice to keep them white. Take them out after a short time and drain them. Weigh, and put them into a stew-pan; if for present use, half a pound of sugar will be sufficient for each pound of apples, but if for keeping, double that quantity will be necessary. Add to it a stick of cinnamon and the juice of a lemon.

Put the stew-pan over a brisk fire and cover it; when the apples are pulped stir the mixture till of the proper consistence: then put the marmalade into pots.