Apple Fritters (1)

Beat the yolks of eight eggs, the whites of four, well together, strain them into a pan; then take a quart of cream, make it moderately hot, and add two glasses of sack, three-quarters of a pint of ale, and mix them well together When it is cool, put to it the eggs, beating it well together, then add nutmeg and ginger grated, salt and flour at pleasure. The batter should be pretty thick; then put in sliced apples, or scraped pippins, and fry them quick in butter.

Apple Fritters (2)

Pare, core, and cut your apples into quarters, soak them for two or three hours in brandy, sugar, green lemon-peel, and orange flower water; when they have thoroughly imbibed the flavor of these ingredients, drain, and put them into a cloth well sprinkled with flour, and shake them so that the flour may adhere all over them; fry them of a good color, glaze with sugar and a hot salamander.

Apple Fritters (3)

Stew some apples cut small, together with a little water, sugar, lemon-peel, and cinnamon; when soft, add a little white wine, the juice of half a lemon, and a bit of fresh butter; when cold, mix them with a batter, as for Tun-bridge puffs, or enclose them in rounds of puff paste. Fry, and serve them with sifted loaf sugar over them.

Apple Fritters (4)

Four well-beaten eggs, half a pint of cream, two table spoonfuls of yeast, three of white wine, and two of rose water; half a tea spoonful of grated nutmeg, and of salt; make it into a thick batter with Hour, peel and core two or three apples, cut them into thin bits, and mix them with the batter; cover it over, let it stand, placed near the fire, about an hour; drop it into boiling lard, and serve them in a napkin with sugar strewed over them. Gooseberries previously stewed may be done in the same way.