Apple (1)

Pare, core, and slice some apples; boil them in water, with a bit of lemon-peel; when tender, mash them, add to them a bit of butter the size of a walnut, and some brown sugar. Heat, and serve in a sauce-tureen.

Apple (2)

Pare and core three good-sized baking apples; put them into a well-tinned pint saucepan, with two table-spoonfuls of cold water; cover the saucepan close, and set it on a trivet over a slow fire a couple of hours before dinner (some apples will take a long time stewing, others will be ready in a quarter of an hour) when the apples are done enough, pour off the water, let them stand a few minutes to get dry; then beat them up with a fork, with a bit of butter about as big as a nutmeg, and a tea-spoonful of powdered sugar

N. B.

Some add lemon-peel, grated, or minced fine, or boil a bit with the apples.