Sandwiches (1)

Cut some bread into thin slices, pare off the crust, and spread a little butter on them; cut them nicely into oblong pieces, put between each some bits of fowl, and then thin bits of ham, both nicely trimmed; add a little mustard and salt. Any cold roasted or potted meat may be used. Serve them for luncheon, garnished with curled parsley.

Sandwiches (2)

Properly prepared, are an elegant and convenient luncheon or supper, but have got out of fashion, from the bad manner in which they are commonly made: to cut the bread neatly with a sharp knife seems to be considered the only essential, and the lining is composed of any offal odds and ends, that cannot be sent to table in any other form. Whatever is used must be carefully trimmed from every bit of skin, gristle, etc. and nothing introduced but what you are absolutely certain will be acceptable to the mouth.

Sandwiches For Travellers

Spread butter, very thinly, upon the upper part of a stale loaf of bread cut very smooth, and then cut off the slice; now cut off another thin slice, but spread it with butter on the under side, without which precaution the two slices of bread will not fit one another. Next take some cold beef, or ham, and cut it into very minute particles. Sprinkle these thickly over the butter, and, having added a little mustard, put the slices face to face, and press them together. Lastly, cut the whole into four equal portions, each of which is to be wrapped in a separate piece of paper.

Sandwiches, Cake

Cut a sponge cake, a few days old, as for bread sandwiches, and spread strawberry jam or currant jelly over them.