How To Dry, Or Preserve Samphire

Take it in bunches as it grows; set a large deep stewpan full of water on the fire; as soon as it boils, throw in a little salt, and put in the samphire; when it looks of a fine green, remove the pan directly from the fire, and take out the samphire with a fork; lay it on sieves to drain; when cold, lay it on earthen plates, strew sugar well over it, next day turn them on a sieve, and strew it again with sugar, keep turning daily until it is dry; take care the stove is not too hot.

How To Pickle Samphire

Lay some samphire that is green in a pan, sprinkle over it two or three handfuls of salt, and cover it with spring water, and let it lay for twenty-four hours; then put it into a 'urge brass saucepan; throw in a handful of salt; cover the pan close, and set it over a very slow fire; let it stand till it is quite green, and crisp; then take it off, for if it becomes soft it is spoiled; put it into a jar, cover it close, and when it is cold, tie it down.