A pint of stewed apples.

Half a pint of cream, or two ounces of butter.

A quarter of a pound of powdered sugar.

A nutmeg, grated.

A table-spoonful of rose-water.

A tea-spoonful of grated lemon-peel.

Stew your apple in as little water as possible, and not long enough for the pieces to break and lose their shape. Put them in a cullender to drain, and mash them with the back of a spoon. If stewed too long, and in too much water, they will lose their flavor. When cold, mix with them the nutmeg, rose-water, and lemon-peel, and two ounces of sugar. Stir the other two ounces of sugar, with the butter or cream, and then mix it gradually with the apple.

Bake it in puff-paste, in a soup-dish, about half an hour in a moderate oven.

Do not sugar the top.