Six eggs

One pound of sifted flour. One quart of milk. A salt-spoonful of salt.

Stir the flour, gradually, into the milk, carefully dissolving all the lumps. Beat the eggs very light, and add them by degrees to the milk and flour. Put in the salt, and stir the whole well together.

Take a very thick pudding-cloth. Dip it in boiling water, and flour it. Pour into it the mixture and tie it up, leaving room for it to swell. Boil it hard, one hour, and keep it in the pot, till it is time to send it to table. Serve it up with wine-sauce.

A square cloth, which when tied up will make the pudding of a round form, is better than a bag.

Apple Batter Pudding is made by pouring the batter over a dish of pippins, pared, cored, and sweetened, either whole or cut in pieces. Bake it, and eat it with butter and sugar.

Baked Or Boiled Batter

Break three eggs in a basin with as much salt as will lie on a sixpence; beat them well together, and then add four ounces of flour; beat it into a smooth batter, and by degrees add half a pint of milk: have your saucepan ready boiling, and butter an earthen mould well, put the pudding in, and tie it tight over with a pudding-cloth, and boil it one hour and a quarter. Or, put it in a dish that you have well buttered and bake it three-quarters of an hour. Currants washed and picked clean, or raisins stoned, are good in this pudding, and it is then called a black cap: or, add loaf sugar, and a little nutmeg and ginger without the fruit, - it is very good that way; serve it with wine sauce.


Take six ounces of fine flour, a little salt, and three eggs; beat it well with a little milk, added by degrees till the batter become smooth; make it the thickness of cream; put into a buttered pic-dish, and bake three-quarters of an hour: or into a buttered and floured basin, tied over tight with a cloth: boil one and a half hour, or two hours.

Without Eggs Batter

Mix six spoonfuls of flour with a small portion of a quart of milk; and when smooth add the remainder of the milk, a tea-spoonful of salt, two tea-spoonfuls of grated ginger, and two of tincture of saffron; stir all together well, and boil it an hour. Fruit may be added or not.