Barberry Jelly (1)

Pick a pint of barberries, and put them into a stew-pan with boiling water, cover it close and let it stand till nearly cold. Set on the fire some clarified sugar with a little water, (making a quart together;) when it begins to boil, skim it well, put in the barberries, let them boil an hour; squeeze the juice of three lemons through a sieve into a basin, to this, pass the liquor from the barberries, and then the isinglass.

Barberry Jelly (2)

Take some very ripe barberries (what quantity von please) and before you seed them take two thirds of their weight in sugar. Boil your sugar, then put your barberries into it, and give the whole a few boilings, then pass it through a silk sieve into a pan, pressing the barberries with a spoon to extract as much juice as possible from them; this done, put it again over the fire, and. when you perceive it begins to form the scum, take it off and pour it into pots.