Beef Soup, Thick

In eight quarts of water boil gently for seven hours, skimming it well, a shin, or a leg of beef, and a bunch of sweet herbs; strain it the next day, take off the fat, and cut all the gristly and sinewy parts from the bones, add them to the soup with some leeks, onions, celery, pepper, salt, and ten or twelve ounces of Scotch barley parboiled; boil it gently for two or three hours. This stock or jelly will keep good for weeks in cold weather.

Beef Or Mutton Soup

Boil very gently in a closely covered saucepan, four quarts of water, with two table-spoonfuls of sifted bread raspings, three pounds of beef cut in small pieces, or the same quantity of mutton chops taken from the middle of the neck; season with pepper and salt, add two turnips, two carrots, two onions, and one head of celery, all cut small; let it stew with these ingredients four hours, when it will be ready to serve.

Beet Root Soup

Boil till tender two roots of beet, and rub off the skin with a coarse towel, mince them finely, as also two or three onions; add this to five pints of rich gravy soup, so as to make it rather thick, then stir in three or four table-spoonfuls of vinegar and one of brown sugar; let it boil, and throw in some fiicandellans made up in the form of corks, and rolled in flour

Brown Soup, without Meat

Put three quarts or more of water, with a sufficient quantity of raspings to thicken it; two or three onions cut across, some whole pepper, and a little salt; cover it close, and let it boil an hour and a half; take it off, and strain it through a sieve; fry in butter some celery, endive, lettuce, spinach, and any other herbs cut small; then take a stewpan (sufficiently large to hold all the ingredients,) and put in a good piece of butter, stick in a little flour, and keep stirring till it is colored of a nice brown; then put in the herbs and soup; boil it till the herbs are tender, and the soup of a proper consistence, then pour the soup into a tureen, and send to table; serve with fried bread, either in the soup or in a dish.