How To Dress Spinach

Pick the spinach with great care; strip the leaves from the stalks, and wash it in several waters, till perfectly clean; boil the spinach in salt and water; drain it well; pound it in a mortar, and put it into a stewpan with a little butter and broth, and let it stew over a slow fire for three-quarters of an hour, till it \ye very dry; then add a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, with salt and grated nutmeg; work the spinach well, till it is thick, but take care the butter does not turn to oil. Garnish with fried toasts of bread, which may be cut like cock's combs, or in any other form.

Spinach Toasts

Boil some spinach for a quarter of an hour; then squeeze out all the water, chop it small, and put it into a mortar, with three or four spoonfuls of apple marmalade, the yolks of four hard-boiled, and three raw eggs, two biscuits soaked in cream, sugar, and a pinch of salt; pound all these together to a paste, put it into a dish, and mix with it a few dry currants, and three or four spoonfuls of melted butter. Cut some slices of bread half an inch thick, four inches long, and two broad; toast them nicely, and spread the spinach, etc. over them, to the thickness of half an inch, wash each over with white of egg; place the toasts on a baking-tin (well buttered) and bake them for half an hour. When done, grate nutmeg, and squeeze orange-juice over them, and serve.

How To Boil (1) Spinach

Pick it very carefully, and wash it thoroughly two or three times in plenty of cold water, then put it on in boiling water with a little salt; let it boil nearly twenty minutes, put it into a cullender, hold it under the water cock, and let the water run on it for a minute; put it into a saucepan, beat it perfectly smooth with a beater or with a wooden spoon, add a bit of butter, and three table-spoonfuls of cream; mix it well together, and make it hot before serving. When dished, it is scored in squares with the back of a knife.

How To Boil (2) Spinach

After being nicely picked and well washed, put it into a saucepan, with no more water than adheres to it; add a little salt; cover the pan closely, and boil it till tender, frequently shaking it; beat if. quite smooth, adding butter and cream, and make it quite hot. Spinach may be served with poached eggs, or fried sausages laid on it.

When the spinach is bitter, it is preferable to boil it in water.