With Butter Toast

Spread butter over some slices of fried bread; lav on them sweet herbs, tossed up in melted butter, and serve.

Genoa Toasts

Lard a French roll with partly anchovies, and partly ham; cut the roll into slices, lay on each a thin slice of bacon, dip them into batter, and fry them; drain, and serve with ravigote.

Grenada Toasts

Cut some fat and lean bacon into dice, give them a few turns over the fire with parsley, scallions, shallots, pepper, sail, and the yolks of three eggs; stir it frequently, till it forms a kind of forcemeat, spread it over slices of bread, cut of an equal thickness, and fry them.

Italian Toasts

Cut some slices of bread, about half an inch in thickness, fry them in sweet oil, let it be dry, and crisp, lay them on a dish, and spread over them any light good farce you may think Proper; pour oven them an appropriate sauce and serve them.

Toast And Water

Pare the crust off a thin slice of stale bread, toast it brown upon both sides, doing it equally and slowlv, that it may harden without being burnt; put it into a jug, and pour upon it boiling water; cover the jug with a saucer, and set it in a cool place.

Spanish Toasts

Roll out some almond paste, nearly an inch thick, cut it into pieces, about two inches square, press them down with a square piece of wood, a little smaller than the paste, which will leave the edges higher than the rest; bake then, and when cold, pour in any prepared cream you please, as high as the borders; ice, and color them with a salamander.

Fried Toasts

Cut the crumb of a twopenny loaf into round or oblong pieces, nearly an inch thick, and soak them for four or five hours in a pint of cream, mixed with three well-beaten eggs, half a pint of white wine, a little grated nutmeg, and sweetened with pounded loaf sugar. Fry them in butter, till of a light brown color, and serve with wine and sugar sauce.