Take an equal quantity of lean veal scraped, and beef suet shred; beat them in a marble mortar; add pepper, salt, cloves, pounded lemon-peel, and nutmeg grated, parsley and sweet herbs, chopped fine, a little shallot and young onion, a few bread-crumbs grated fine, and yolk of egg sufficient to work it light; roll this into balls with a little flour; if for white sauce, boil them; if for brown sauce, fry them.

Forcemeat Balls For Fish

Soups, or Fish stewed. Beat the flesh and soft parts of a middling sized lobster, half an anchovy, a large piece of boiled celery, the yolk of a hard egg, a little Cayenne, rnace, salt, and white pepper, with two table-spoonfuls of bread-crumbs, one spoonful of oyster liquor, two ounces of butter warmed, two eggs beaten for a long time; make into balls, and fry them of a nice brown color in butter.

Forcemeat-Balls For Turtle, Mock Turtle, Or Made Dishes

Pound some veal in a marble mortar; rub it through a sieve with as much of the udder as you have veal, or about a third of the quantity of butter: put some bread-crumbs into a stewpan, moisten them with milk, add a little chopped parsley and eschalot, rub them well together in a mortar till they form a smooth paste; put it through a sieve, and, when cold, pound, and mix all together, with the yolks of three eggs boiled hard; season it with salt, pepper, and curry powder, or Cayenne; add to it the yolks of two raw eggs; rub it well together, and make small balls: ten minutes before your soup is ready, put them in.