Wash half a dozen anchovies, and take the meat from the bones; cut them into four fillets, place them on a dish with some sweet herbs, cut small; and the yolks and whites of hard eggs, also cut small.

Anchovy Butter

Wash your anchovies carefully, take out the bones, and dry them; then pound them in a mortar until they are reduced to a paste; and mix thns paste with double the quantity of fresh butter.

Butter Of Anchovies

Wash from the pickle some fine young anchovies, bone, and take off the heads, then pound them in a mortar with fresh butter till quite smooth, and rub it through a sieve.

Anchovy Paste

Pound them in a mortar, then rub it through a fine sieve; pot it cover it with clarified butter, and keep it in a cool place. If you have essence of anchovy, you may make anchovy paste extempore, by rubbing the essence with as much flour as will make a paste. Mem. - This is merely mentioned as the means of making it immediately; it will not keep.

Anchovy Powder

Pound the fish in a mortar, rub them through a sieve, and make them into a paste with dried flour, roll it into thin cakes, and dry them in a Dutch oven before a slow fire; pounded to a fine powder, and put into a well-stopped bottle, it will keep for years; it is a very savoury relish, sprinkled on bread and butter for a sandwich, etc. See Oyster Powder.

Anchovy Toast (1)

Cut some thin slices of bread about the length and breadth of a finger; fry them in oil. Place them on a dish, and pour on them a sauce made of oil, vinegar, whole pepper, parsley, scallion, and shallots, cut up together. Then cut the anchovies into thin slices, and lay them on the toast.

Anchovy Toast (2)

Bone and wash the anchovies, pound them in a mortar with a little fresh butter; rub them through a sieve and spread them on a toast. You may add, while pounding the anchovies, a little made mustard and curry powder, or a few grains of Cayenne, or a little mace or other spice. It may be made still more savoury, by frying the toast in clarified butter. - N. B. Keep your anchovies well covered; first tie down your jar with bladder moistened with vinegar, and then wiped dry; tie leather over that: when you open a jar, moisten the bladder, and it will come off easily; as soon as you have taken out the fish, replace the coverings; the air soon rusts and spoils anchovies.

Anchovy Toast (3)

Bone and roll up two or three anchoivies, place them upon pieces of dry toast, and garnish with curled parsley.