Tomato Sauce

Bake six tomatoe in an oven till quite soft; with a tea-spoor take out the pulp, add salt, cayenne, and vinegar, till of the consistence of thick cream,

French Tomato Sauce

Cut ten or a dozen tomatoes into quarters, and put them into a saucepan, with four onions sliced, a little parsley, thyme, one dove, and a quarter of a pound of butler; set the saucepan on the fire, stirring occasionally for three-quarters of an hour; strain the sauce through a horse-hair sieve, and serve with the directed articles.

Italian Tomato Sauce

Take five or six onions, slice, and put them into a saucepan, with a little thyme, bay-leaf, twelve or fifteen tomatoes, a bit of butter, salt, half a dozen allspice, a little India saffron, and a glass of stock; set them on the fire, taking care to stir it frequently, as it is apt to stick; when you perceive the sauce is tolerably thick, strain it like & puree.