Method Of Preserving Tomatoes (1)

A sufficient quantity of salt is dissolved in spring or river water to make it strong enough to bear an egg; select perfectly ripe tomatoes, and place them well and without pressing them, in a stone or glazened earthen pot, with a deep plate in such a manner that it presses upon the fruit, and by this simple process tomatoes may be preserved more than a year without attention. Before cooking them they should be soaked in fresh water for several hours.

Method Of Preserving Tomatoes (2)

Gather them carefully without bruising; put them in a stone jar, and pour in strong brine, to the top - putting on a light weight to keep them gently pressed down below the surface of the brine. Soak them in fresh water and cook them in the usual way, seasoning to suit the taste, as when fresh from the vine.

Tomato Marmalade

Gather full-grown tomatoes while quite green; take gut the stems and stew them till soft; rub them through a sieve; put the pulp on the lire, seasoned highly with pepper, salt and powdered cloves; add some garlic, and stew all together till thick. It keeps well, and is excellent for seasoning gravies. Besides the numerous modes of preparing this delicious vegetable for the table, it. may be stewed, after being peeled, with sugar, like cranberries and gooseberries, producing a tart equal to either of those fruits. Tomatoes make good pickles, pickled green; to peel them, pour boiling water on them, when the skin will come off easily.