Garlic Butter Sauce

Pound half a dozen cloves of garlic; rub them through a silk sieve, with a wooden spoon; put this into a mortar with some butter, and beat it until thoroughly incorporated; then put this butter into any sauce you please.

Essence Of Garlic

Take an earthen skillet, place it on the fire, and put into it a bottle of white wine, half a glass of vinegar, the juice of two lemons, six cloves of garlic, the same number of cloves, the quarter of a nutmeg, and two bay-leaves: when near boiling, reduce the fire, and let it stand on hot ashes for seven or eight hours; strain it through a coarse sieve, and then filter it. Keep it in very closely corked bottles. A very small quantity of this essence is requisite to impart its flavor to a dish.

Garlic Gravy

Slice a pound and a half of veal, or beef; season it with pepper and salt; put it into a stewpan, with two carrots split, and four cloves of garlic sliced, a quarter of a pound of sliced ham, and a large spoonful of water; put the stewpan over a gentle fire, and watch when the meat begins to stick to the pan; when it does, turn it, and let it be very well browned, (but take care that it is not in the least burnt); then dredge it with flour, and pour in a quart of broth, a bunch of sweet herbs, a couple of cloves bruised, and slice in a lemon; set it on the fire again, then let it simmer gently for an hour and a half longer; then skim off the fat, and strain off the gravy, by pouring it through a napkin, straining and pressing it very hard.