Broiled Beef Steaks

Cut the steaks off a rump or the ribs of a fore quarter; beat them well with a rolling-pin. Have the gridiron perfectly clean and heated over a clear quick fire; lay on the steaks, and, with meat tongs, keep turning them constantly, till they are done enough; throw a little salt over them a little before taking them off the fire. Serve them as hot as possible, plain, or with a made gravy and sliced onion, or rub a bit of butter upon the steaks the moment of serving. Mutton chops are broiled in the same manner.

Stewed Beef Steaks

Fry the steaks in a little butter; take them out of the pan, and fry in it a minced onion; return the steaks, with a little boiling water or gravy, some pepper, salt, and a table-spoonful of vinegar; stew them gently for two or three hours; thicken the sauce with butter rolled in flour; and serve with or without pickles.

Beef Steaks, Dressed

Cut thin steaks, longer than they are broad, off a rump; beat them with a rolling-pin; season them with pepper, salt, and finely minced onion; roll and tie them with a thread; cut them even at the ends; fry them brown with a little butter; make a sauce with a piece of butter browned with flour, some gravy or water, a minced onion, pepper, and salt. Boil it, and add the steaks, and let them stew an hour. Before serving, add some mushroom catchup, and take off the threads.