Beef Stewed (1)

Stew in five quarts of water the middle part of a brisket of beef weighing ten pounds, add two onions stuck with two cloves, one head of celery, one large carrot, two turnips cut small, a handful of sorrel leaves, half an ounce of black pepper, and some salt. Stew it gently for six hours. Make a strong gravy with carrots and turnips, the turnips to be scraped and fried of a brown color in butter; add pepper, salt, a little Cayenne; thicken it. with flour and butter, and pour it over the beef, with the carrots and turnips.

Beef Stewed (2)

Take ten pounds of a brisket of beef, cut the short ribs, and put it into a well-buttered saucepan, with two large onions, stuck with three or four cloves, two or three carrots cut into quarters, a bunch of sweet herbs, a small lemon sliced, and five quarts of water; let it stew seven hours. Strain and clarify the gravy - thicken it with butter and flour. Chop the carrots with some capers, mushroom catchup, and Cayenne. Any other pickle that is liked may be added.