Filbert Biscuits

Take half a pound of filberts, an ounce of bitter almonds, the whites of six, and the yolks of three eggs, an ounce of flour, and half a pound of sugar; blanch and pound the filberts and almonds, adding, occasionally, a little white of egg to prevent their oiling. Beat the whites to a snow, then the yolks, mix the latter with half the sugar; beat them well, and having mixed the other ingredients to-gether, put them into a sieve, and whilst yon are beating, sift them into the whites; when all are thoroughly incorporated, pour the preparation into paper cases, and bake them in a moderate oven. A little grated lemon-peel, or any other aromatic ingrethent added to the yolks, greatly improves these biscuits.

French Biscuit

Weigh five eggs, and their weight in dried and sifted flour, and in finely-pounded loaf sugar; beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and by degrees beat in the sugar and the flour, and then add the beaten yolks; with a spoon half fill yellow lea-cups, previously rubbed with butter, and sift loaf sugar over the top. Bake them in a quick oven. Or, drop the biscuit in a round form upon sheets of white paper buttered; sift sugar over them.

King's Biscuit

Put half a pound of butter into a basin, and work it about well with a wooden spoon; break six eggs and whisk them well, add a half pound of powder-sugar, and whisk ten minutes longer, and then mix them with the butter; stir in six ounces of currants, and the same of dried flour. When all is well mixed, drop it, the size of a shilling, on paper, and bake in a quick oven. Take them off while hot.

Leman's Biscuit

Sift and dry a pound of fine flour; rub it into a quarter of a pound of butter, two ounces of pounder and sifted loaf sugar, and a bit of volatile salt about the size of a nut; mix in as much new milk warmed as will make it into a stiff paste; work it well together, and let it remain for two or three hours, and then roll it out, and make it into small square biscuits, and into round balls a little flattened; prick them with a fork, and bake them upon tins in a quick oven. Take care they do not become brown.

Naples Biscuits

Put three-quarters of a pound of fine flour to a pound of fine sifted sugar; sift both together three times, then add six eggs beaten well, and a spoonful of rose-water; when the oven is nearly hot, bake them, but not too wet.

The Nuns Biscuit

Take the whites of twelve eggs, and beat them to a froth; a pound of almonds, blanch them, and beat them with the froth of the whites of eggs, as it rises; then take the yolks, and two pounds of fine sugar and beat them well together, then mix the almonds with the sugar and eggs; then add half a pound of flour, with the peel of four lemons grated, and some citron shred small; put the composition in little cakepans, and bake them in a quick oven, and when they are colored, turn them on tins to harden the bottoms: but before you set them in the oven again, sift on them .some double-refined sugar. Let the pans be buttered, and fill them half way.