Plain Short Bread

The same proportions of flour and butter must be used as in the receipt for short bread; this must be mixed together, rolled out, but not made quite so thick as in the rich kind; but in the same form, pricked with a fork, and pinched all round. A little sugar may be added.

Rice Bread

Take a pound of rice, and let it simmer in two quarts of water till it is quite tender; when it is of a proper warmth mix it thoroughly with four pounds of flour, adding yeast and salt, the same as for other bread; the proper quantity of yeast to be used, is about four spoonfuls; knead it well; then set it to rise before the fire. A portion of the flour should be reserved to make up the loaves. If the rice should require more water, it must be added, as some rice swells more than other.

Short Bread

For two pounds of sifted flour allow one pound of butter, salt or fresh; a quarter of a pound of candied orange and lemon peel, of pounded loaf sugar, blanched sweet almonds, and carrawav ay comfits, a quarter of a pound each; cut the lemon, the orange peel, and almonds into small thin bits, and mix them with a pound and a half of the flour, a few of the caraway comfits, and the sugar; melt the butter, and when cool, pour it clear from the sediment into the flour, at the same time mixing it quickly. With the hands, form it into a large round of nearly an inch thick, using the remainder of the flour to make it up with; cut it into four, and with the finger and thumb pinch each bit neatly all round the edge; prick them with a fork, and strew the rest of the carra-way comfits over the top. Put the pieces" upon white paper dusted with flour, and then upon tins. Bake them in a moderate oven.

Tipsy Bread

Pare off the crust, and cut into thin round slices of four or five inches, the crumb of a twopenny or threepenny roll; spread over each bit raspberry or strawberry jam, and place the slices one over the other pretty high in a glass dish, and pour over them as much sherry, sweetened with sugar, as the bread will soak in; stick round the sides, and over the top, planched sweet almonds, cut like straws, and pour a custard round it. It may be made the day before, or two or three hours before dinner, and with the crumb of loaf bread.