Bath Buns

Rub together, with the hand, one pound of fine flour and a half a pound of butter; beat six eggs, and add them to the flour with a table spoonful of good yeast. Mix them all together with half a tea- cup full of milk; set it in a warm place for an hour; mix in six ounces of sifted sugar, and a few caraway seeds. Mould them into buns with a table spoon on a baking plate; throw six or eight caraway comfits on each, and bake them in a hot oven about ten minutes. These quantities should make eighteen buns.

Common Buns

Rub four ounces of butter into two pounds of flour, four ounces of sugar, a few Jamaica peppers, and a few carraway seeds. Put a spoonful or two of cream into a cup of yeast, and as much good milk as will make the above into a light paste; set it by the fire to rise. They will bake quickly on tins; you may add nutmeg.

Cross Buns

To the above mixture put one ounce and a half of ground allspice, cinnamon and mace, mixed, and when half proved, press the form of a cross with a tin mould in the centre, and finish as above

Plum Buns

To two pounds of the plain bun paste, put half a pound of currants, a quarter of a pound of candied orange-peel, cut into small pieces, half a nutmeg grated, half an ounce of mixed spice, such as allspice, cinnamon, etc. Mould them into buns jag them round the edges with a knife, and proceed as above.

Plain Buns

To four pounds of sifted Hour put one pound of good moist sugar; make a cavity in the centre, and stir in a gill of good yeast, a pint of lukewarm milk, with enough of the flour to make it the thickness of cream; cover it over, and let it lie two hours; then melt to an oil (but not hot) one pound of butter, stir it into the other ingrethents, with enough warm milk to make it a soft paste; throw a little flour over, and let them lie an hour; have ready a baking-platter rubbed over with butter; mould with the hand the dough into buns, about the size of a large egg; lay them in rows full three inches apart; set them in a warm place for half an hour, or till they have risen to double their size; bake them in a hot oven of a good color, and wash them over with a brush dipped into milk when drawn from the oven.

Richer Buns

Put four pounds of fine flour into a wooden bowl; set a sponge of it with a gill of yeast and a pint of warm milk; then mix with it one pound of sifted sugar, one pound of oiled fresh butter, coriander seeds, cinnamon, and mace, a small quantity of each, pounded line. Roll the paste into buns, set them on a baking-plate rubbed with butter, put them in a moderate oven to prove; then wash them with a paste-brush dipped in warm milk, and bake of a good color.

Scots Christmas Buns

Take four pounds of raisins stoned, two and a half of currants well cleaned and dried, half a pound of almonds blanched, of candied orange and lemon-peel a quarter of a pound each, cut small; of pounded cloves, pepper, and ginger, half an ounce each, (bur pounds of flour, and twenty-two ounces of butter. Then rub the butter with the flour, till well mixed together; add a little warm water, and a quarter of a pint of fresh good yeast, and work it into a light smooth paste; cut oft nearly one-third of the paste, to form the sheet or case, and lay it aside; with the rest work up the fruit, sweetmeats, and spices; make it into a round form like a thick cheese. Roll out the sheet of paste, lay the bun in the centre, and gather it all round, closing it at the bottom, by wetting the edges of the paste, and cutting it so as to lie quite flat. Turn it up, and run a wire or small skewer through from the top to the bottom every here and there, and prick the top with a fork. Double and flour a sheet of gray paper, and lay the bun upon it; bind a piece round the sides, also doubled and floured, to keep the bun in a proper shape. Bake it in a moderate oven.

Seed Buns

Take two pounds of plain bun dough, and mix in one ounce of caraway seeds, butter the insides of tart-pans, mould the dough into buns, and put one into each pan; set them to rise in a warm place, and when sufficiently proved, ice them with the white of an egg beat to a froth, lay some pounded sugar over that, and dissolve it with water splashed from the icing-brush. Bake ten minutes.