Candied Cinnamon (1)

Soak cinnamon in water for four and twenty hours, and then cut it into pieces about an inch long; prepare some sugar to grand lisse, and give the cinnamon a boil in it; drain and dry it in a stove to the proper consistence; then put it in the moulds with sugar boiled to souffle, and when half cold, dry it. Before the candy is removed from the moulds, they should be laid on one side for some time. Keep them in paper in a dry place.

Candied Cinnamon (2)

Cut some cinnamon into small sticks of about an inch or an inch and a half long; then put them into thin sugar, and boil them as it were in a sirup. Then take off the pan, and set it by for five or six hours to soak, take them out and lay them on a wire-grate, dry them thoroughly in the stove; afterwards put them in order in tin moulds upon little grates made for the purpose, and set into the moulds, so that there may be three rows set one above another, separated by those grates. In the meantime, boil sugar till it is bloxon, and pour it into your mould, so that some of it may lie upon the uppermost grate; then set them in the stove with a covered fire, and let them stand all night; the next morning take notice whether the cinnamon be well coagulated; turn the mould upside down, and set it in the stove again, with a plate underneath; and when it is thoroughly drained, take out your sticks of cinnamon, loosening them, by little and little, gently; then lay them upon a sieve, set in the stove, and dry them thoroughly.