Chocolate Ice Cream. (1)

Take any quantity of chocolate, melt it over the fire in a small pan; when melted pour it into that in which you are to make your cream; break your yolks of eggs into it, (four eggs to every pint of cream) add some pounded loaf sugar to it, keep stirring continually; then add your cream by little and little, stirring and turning it till the whole is mixed properly together; then set your pan over the fire, and keep stirring with a wooden spoon till you see your composition is near boiling, then take it off immediately, for, from the moment you set your composition over the fire till that it offers to boil, it has sufficient time to incorporate well and thicken sufficiently, without need of boiling; and should you let it boil, you would risk the turning your cream into whey, on account of the yolks of eggs, which would do too much. Take great care likewise your cream is fresh and sweet, for otherwise as soon as it is warm it will turn to curds and whey; therefore, be careful, stir it continually, from the time you set it on the fire till you take it off; then put it in the sabotiere to make it congeal after the usual manner.

Chocolate Ice Cream (2)

Dissolve the chocolate in a little water on a slow fire; when properly done, mix it with a pint of cream, three yolks of new laid eggs, and about half a pound of sugar.