Chocolate Ice Water

Take three ounces of chocolate, warm it, and mix with it half a gill of sirup, and half a pint of water; mix it well, and freeze it thick.

Chocolate Macaroons

Put a quarter of a pound of chocolate on a tin-plate over a coal fire, and when it is dissolved pour it on a plate; put to it a spoonful or two of sweet almond paste, made as for macaroons, stir it in well, and then pour it upon the remainder of the almond paste, in which you have mixed a tea-spoonful of powdered cinnamon or vanilla, or both: beat them together well in a mortar, lay them on paper, and bake them for three-quarters of an hour in a moderate oven.

Chocolate Parfait Amour

For four bottles of brandy, take one pound of the best chocolate, cut in small bits; a little salt, two cloves, and a little cinnamon; you must infuse all in the brandy, with two bottles and half a pint of water, with whites of eggs, and filter it through the paper. You must be careful not to take more than two bottles from every four, except from the cinnamon, from which you are to take as much as you can get.

Chocolate Pastils

Take a little chocolate, which put in a pan over the fire to melt it; stir it with a spoon; when it is melted, take half a pound of loaf sugar, pounded in a mortar and silled, which dissolve in a little clear water. When that is done, put in your chocolate; if you find the paste too thick, add a little water, enough to bring it to that degree of liquidity that you may take it up on a knife; then take half a sheet of paper, and cover it with little round and flat drops, which we call pastils, of the size of a sixpence; let them dry naturally in a cupboard; and when dry, take them off from the paper, and put them in boxes.

Chocolate Pastil Paste

Melt half an ounce of gum-dragon in a little water till it is quite dissolved and thick; sift it through a linen cloth, pound it in a mortar with a quarter-part of whites of eggs, a chocolate cake bruised, and half a pound of fine powder-sugar, mixed by degrees, and adding either more or less sugar, according as the paste is malleable; it must be pretty firm; form it into what flowers or designs you please, as shells, lozenges, any kind of corn or beans, etc.

Chocolate Petit Pains

These are made in the same way as Petits Pains a la Duchesse (see that article), but without the dorure. When cold fill them with a cream patissiere, mixed with two ounces of vanilla chocolate, and sweetened with sugar, flavored with vanilla; then put three ounces of silted sugar, the same of chocolate, and half the white of an egg into a pan; stir these ingredients with a silver spoon until you have a smooth transparent glaze, with which mask the top and sides of the petits pains, spreading it equally with the blade of a knife.

Chocolate Sweetmeats

Take two ounces of chocolate, and break it into a little warm water, put it on the fire, and when quite dissolved, mix it with a pound of marchpane paste, to which may be added vanilla or cinnamon; stir it up well, and then spread it on wafer-paper in what forms you please, and bake them in a moderate oven. If the sweetmeats be not suffi-riently dark colored, add a little bol-ammo-niac.