Chocolate Almonds

Take a pound of chocolate finely grated, and a pound and a half of the best sugar, finely sifted; soak some guin-dragon in orange-flower water, and work them into what form you please; the paste must be stiff; dry them in a stove. You may write devices on paper, roll them up, and put them in the middle.

Chocolate Bonbons

Put a quarter of a pound of chocolate over a fire, to dissolve it; and having boiled two pound of sugar to forte perle, put a spoonful or two into the chocolate; stir it till it forms a thin paste, and then pour it on the sugar, and boil both together to caramel. In the meantime melt a little butter, skim, and pour it off clear into a basin; lake a spoonful of it, and rub it with your hand over a marble slab or table: on this pour the chocolate and sugar; then take two ends of a sword-blade, (one in each hand), and press lines an inch apart all down it; cross them in like manner, so as to mark the sugar in small squares all over; doing it as quick as possible, lest the sugar should cool before you have done; then pass the sword-blade between the marble and the sugar; lay under the latter sheets of paper; and when cold, break it into pieces according to the marks, and wrap each square in paper.

Chocolate Comfits

Take two ounces of chocolate, beat it small with a little warm water over the fire; when it is dissolved and reduced to a paste, pour it upon a pound of masse pain or sweet paste, to which add some cinnamon or vanilla at discretion; mix the whole well together; then spread it over some wafer shapes, and bake it in a moderate oven. If the paste does not appear deep colored enough, you may color it with bolus Ar-menicum.

Chocolate Conserve (1)

Dissolve two ounces of good chocolate in a little water, put it into a skillet with half a pound of sugar boiled to perle; keep the sugar stirring, and when it boils put the conserve into moulds.

Chocolate Conserve (2)

Dissolve a quarter of a pound of grated chocolate in a small quantity of clarified sugar; boil a pound of sugar to the premiere plume, put your chocolate into it, stirring it well to mix it; serve it whilst it is warm.

Chocolate Drops

Take one pound and a half of chocolate, put it on a pewter sheet or plate, and put it in the oven just to warm the chocolate; then put it into a copper stewpan, with three-quarters of a pound of powdered sugar; mix it well over the fire, take it off, and roll it in pieces the size of small marbles, put them on white paper, and when they are all on, take the sheet of paper by each corner, and lift it up and down so that the paper may touch the table each time, and by that means you will see the drops come quite fat, about the size of a sixpence; put some sugar nonpareils over them, and cover all that are on the paper, then shake them off, and you will see all the chocolate drops are covered with the sugar nonpareils; let them stand till cold, and they will come off well, and then put them in a box papered.