Chestnut Cream (1)

Pound twenty-five roasted chestnuts in a mortar, with a little milk: then put the paste so made into a stewpan, with the yolks of two eggs, half a pint of milk, two ounces of butter, and four ounces of powder-sugar; when it has boiled a little while, strain it, put it into a dish, or glass for table, and let it cool.

Chestnut Cream (2)

Roast, and then pound a quarter of a hundred of chestnuts, with a small quantity of milk; to this add the yolks of two eggs, a pint of milk, a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar, and about an ounce of butter. Boil these together for some minutes, then strain it, and set it by to cool.

Chestnut Custard

Take three pounds of well roasted chestnuts, removing such parts as were colored by the fire, and pound them with a pound of fresh butter; when a smooth paste, add three-quarters of a pound of powder-sugar, the yolks of twelve eggs, a pinch of salt, and a few spoonfuls of whipped cream, the whites whipped firm, and finish the custard as directed.

Chestnut Paste

Make a marmalade by boiling chestnuts in water, and rubbing them through a sieve, then pound them, and to three-quarters of a pound of this, add a quarter of a pound of any other fruit marmalade; mix them well up with an equal weight of sugar boiled to grand plume; put it into your moulds and bake it as cherry, or any other paste.