Chestnut Compote (1)

Take the outer skin from about a hundred chestnuts, and then put them into a saucepan with water, a lemon cut in pieces, and three handfuls of bran; put them on the (ire and blanch them: as soon as a pin will go into them easily, they are sufficiently done; rub off the second skin, and throw them into cold water, with the juice of a lemon. Clarify and boil a pound and a half of sugar to petit lisse, and having drained your chestnuts, put them into the sugar with the juice of a lemon, the quarter of a glass of orange-flower water; put these on the fire for a short time, but not to let them boil: then take them off and set them by. The next day drain the chestnuts, and boil up the sirup four times; then add more sugar, and having boiled it to souffle, put in the chestnuts; blanch them instantly afterwards, and put them into compotiers.

Chestnut Compote (2)

Roast your chestnuts as for the dessert, and when they are peeled and skinned, put them into a saucepan, with a quarter of a pound of sugar, and half a glass of water; let them simmer for a quarter of an hour; squeeze in a little lemon-juice, and when ready to serve, strew powder-sugar over them.