Chestnuts In Caramel. (1)

Roast chestnuts as for the table; take off the skins; dip each in the whites of eggs beaten, and then roll them in powder-sugar; lay them separately on paper to dry, in a moderate oven; they may be cut into different forms if yon think proper, and glazed either white or brown.

Chestnuts In Caramel. (2)

Cut some osier rods or reeds into pieces about two or three inches long, and on the point of each put a roasted and skinned chestnut. Take a piece of very fresh butter, (about the size of a nut), and rub it with the palm of the hand, on an iron plate or marble slab, taking care to rub every part well. Then having boiled some clarified sugar to caramel height; take a piece of the osier, with a chestnut on the end, in each hand, and dip them in the sugar, twisting them round repeatedly, that the sugar may adhere equally about the chestnut till it begins to cool, then lay them on the buttered slab, and dip in two more, proceeding as above; when all are done and cold, take out the osier twigs, and wrap each chestnut in paper, with a device if you think proper. These chestnuts make a delicious sweetmeat, but they should be eaten the day on which they are made.