Whey (1)

Make a pint of milk boil; put to it a glass or two of white wine; put it on the fire till it just boils again; then set it on one side till the curd has settled; pour off the clear whey, and sweeten it as you like.

Cider is often substituted for wine, or half the quantity of vinegar that we have ordered wine. When there is no fire in the sick room, this may be put hot into a bottle, and laid between the bed and mattress; it will keep warm several hours.

Whey (2)

Put a very small portion of rennet into a quart of milk, and let it stand by the side of the fire until turned; then serve it in a dish, with sugar and a little nutmeg, grated, and strewed over, or strain the liquor carefully from the curd, and serve quite clear.

Curds And Whey

Take a number of the rough coats that line the gizzards of turkeys and fowls; clean them from the pebbles they contain, rub them well with salt, and hang them to dry. This makes a more tender and delicate curd than common rennet. When to be used, break off some bits of the skin, and put on it some boiling-water; in eight or nine hours use the liquor as you do other rennet.