Rennet (1)

As soon as the calf is killed, take out the stomach, and scour it inside and out with salt, after it is cleared of the curd always found in it. Let it drain for a few hours, after which sew it up with two large handfuls of salt in it, or stretch it on a stick well salted; or keep it in the salt, wet, and soak a bit, which will do over and over by fresh water,

Rennet (2)

Prepare the maw the same as in the above receipt: on the following day, put a handful of hawthorn-tops, a handful of sweet briar, a handful of rose-leaves, a stick of cinnamon, forty cloves, four blades of mace, a sprig of knotted marjoram, and two large spoonfuls of salt, into two quarts of fresh spring water; let them boil gently till the water is reduced to three pints, then strain it off, and when only milk warm, pour it on the maw. Slice a lemon, and add to it; in two days, strain ir. again, and put into bottles. Aromatic herbs may be put in also; take care that it is sufficiently salt. If the maw be again salted for a few days, and dried as above, it will be quite as tit for use as before; it should be kept in a cool, dry place. A small quantity of the liquid is sufficient for turning.