A Mock Gooseberry Sauce for Mackerel, etc. Make a marmalade of three dozen sticks of rhubarb, sweetened with moist sugar; pass it through a hair sieve, and serve up in a sauce-boat.

Spring Fruit Tart

Prepare rhubarb as above: cut it into small pieces into a tart-dish; sweeten with loaf-sugar pounded; cover it with a good short crust paste; sift a little sugar over the top, and bake half an hour in a rather hot oven; serve up cold.

Spring Cream Or Mock Gooseberry Fool

Prepare a marmalade as directed for the pudding: to which add a pint of good thick cream; serve up in glasses, or in a deep dish. If wanted in a shape, dissolve two ounces of isinglass in a little water; strain it through a tamis, and when nearly cold put. it to the cream; pour it into a jelly mould, and when set, turn out into a dish, and serve up plain.

Spring Fruit Sherbet

Boil six or eight sticks of rhubarb (quite clean) ten minutes in a quart of water; strain the liquor through a tamis into a jug, with the peel of a lemon cut very thin, and two table-spoonfuls of clarified sugar; let it stand five or six hours, and it is fit to drink.