Chocolate Cream (1)

Take a pint of milk, a gill of cream, the yolks of three eggs, and five ounces of powder sugar, mix these ingredients together, set them on the fire, stir it constantly, and let it boil till reduced to a quarter; then add two ounces of grated chocolate; and having boiled a little longer, strain it, and let it cool. Serve it cold.

Chocolate Cream (2)

Take about half a cake of chocolate, bruise it to pieces, put it in a stewpan with a little milk, and stir it over a gentle fire till it looks smooth and thick; then add a little more milk, and stir it again over the fire, continue this till it takes the diinkness of cream; sweeten it to your palate with clarified sugar; stir in a little thick cream with a very little isinglass, rub it through the tammy, and set it in the mould.