Lay some slices cut from the fat part of a belly-piece of pork, in a deep stewpan, mix sliced onions with a variety of sweet herbs, and lay them on the pork. Bone and cut a fresh cod into thin slices, and place them on the pork; then put a layer of pork, on that a layer of biscuit, then alternately the other materials until the pan is nearly full, season with pepper and salt, put in about a pint and a half of water, lay a paste over the whole, cover the stewpan very close, and let it stand, with fire above as well as below, for four hours; then skim it well, and put it in a dish, pour a glass of Madeira made hot over it, also some Jamaica pepper, stewed mushrooms, truffles, and oysters; brown the paste slightly, and lay it over the whole.

Chowder For Ten Or Twelve

Take of salt pork cut in thin slices, as much as will make half a pint of fat, when tried, which will do for two good sized cod or haddock. Be careful not to burn the fat. First, put your fat in the pot. Secondly, cut your fish in as large pieces as will go into the pot; then put a layer of fish on the fat; pepper, salt and a few cloves, then a layer of the slices of pork, strewed over with onions cut fine; then a layer of shipbread or hard crackers dipped in water; then your thickening. Go on again with fish, etc. etc. as above, till your pot is nearly full, then put in water until you can just see it, and let it stew slowly, so as not to break the fish. After coming to a boil, it will be done in twenty-five or thirty minutes. N. B. - Some like potatoes cut in slices, which may be introduced between each layer. Likewise wine or cider, as you fancy.

Receipt is according to the most approved method, practised by fishing parties in Boston harbor.

Chowder, Clam

May be made in the same way, substituting a sufficient quantity of clams instead of cod, the brads or hard leathery part being first cut off. Many prefer clam chowder, nicely cooked, to chowder made of cod, haddock, etc. The pilgrims to Plymouth, it is said, could cook this shell fish and lobsters in nearly fifty different ways, and even as puddings, pancakes, etc.