A quarter of a pound of cocoa-nut, grated. A quarter pound of powdered white sugar. Three ounces and a half of fresh butter. The whites only of six eggs. A table-spoonful of wine and brandy mixed. Half a tea-spoonful of rose-water.

Break up a cocoa-nut, and take the thin brown skin carefully off, with a knife. Wash all the pieces in cold water, and then wipe them dry, with a clean towel, a Weigh a quarter of a pound of cocoa-nut, and grate it very fine, into a soup-plate.

Stir the butter and sugar to a cream, and add the liquor and rose-water gradually to them.

Beat the whites only, of six eggs, till they stand alone on the rods; and then stir the beaten white of egg, gradually, into the butter and sugar. Afterwards, sprinkle in, by degrees, the grated cocoa-nut, stirring hard all the time. Then stir all very well at the last.

Have ready a puff-paste, sufficient to cover the bottom, sides, and edges of a soup-plate. Put in the mixture, and bake it in a moderate oven, about half an hour.

Grate loaf-sugar over it, when cool.