A cod-fish should be firm and white, the gills red, and the eye lively; a fine fish is very thick about the neck; if the flesh is at all flabby it is not good. Cod is in its prime during the months of October and November, if the weather be cold; from the latter end of March to May, cod is also very fine. The length of time it requires for boiling depends on the size of the fish, which varies from one pound to twenty; a small fish, about two or three pounds weight will be sufficiently boiled in a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes after the water boils. Prepare a cod for dressing in the following manner: - empty and wash it. thoroughly, scrape off all the scales, cut open the belly, and wash and dry it well, rub a little salt inside, or lay it for an hour in strong brine. The simple way of dressing it is as follows: - Tie up the head, and put it into a fish-kettle, with plenty of water and salt in it; boil it gently, and serve it with oyster sauce. Lay a napkin under the fish, and garnish with slices of lemon, horse-radish, etc.

Cod Baked (1)

Soak a fine piece of the middle of fresh cod in melted butter, with parsley and sweet herbs shred very fine; let it stand over the fire for sometime, and then bake it. Let it be of a good color.

Cod Baked (2)

Choose a fine large cod, clean it well, and open the under part to the bone, and put in a stuffing made with beef suet, parsley, sweet herbs shred fine, an egg, and seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg, mace and grated lemon-peel; put this inside the cod, sew it up, wrap it in a buttered paper, and bake it; baste it well with melted butter.

How To Crimp Cod

Cut a fresh cod into slices or steaks; lay them for three hours in salt-and-water, and a glass of vinegar: when they may be boiled, fried, or broiled

Cod Sounds

This is the white skin of the belly, and is reckoned a great delicacy, and may be either boiled, broiled, or fried. Previous to dressing either way, they should be well soaked, washed, and boiled a little.

Cod Souives Boiled With Gravy

Scald them in hot water, and rub them well with salt; blanch them, that is, take off the blacked dirty skin, then set them on in cold water, and let them simmer till they begin to be tender; take them out, flour, and broil them on the gridiron. In the meantime, take a little good gravy, a little mustard, a little bit of butter rolled in flour, give it a boil, season it with pepper and salt. Lay the sounds in your dish, and pour the sauce over them.

Broiled Cod Sounds

Let them lie in boiling water till it is nearly cold, rub them with salt, and pull off the black and dirty skin, boil them in hot water, drain, and dust them with flour, rub them over with butter, season with white pepper and salt, and broil them. Put a table-spoonful of catchup, half a one of soy, and a little Cayenne, into melted butter, heat and pour it over them.

Cod Sounds Roasted Or Baked

Wash and clean four or five cod sounds, and boil them till nearly done in milk-and-water; when cold, make a forcemeat of bread crumbs; a piece of butter, salt, nutmeg, white pepper, and some chopped oysters; beat up the yolks of two eggs to bind it, lay it over the sounds, roll them up, and fasten with a small skewer, baste them with melted butter, and roll them in finely grated bread crumbs seasoned with pepper and salt; put them on a tin in a Dutch oven, turn and baste them with a feather dipped in melted butter, and strew over bread crumbs as before; when done, and of a nice brown, serve them with oyster sauce in the dish.

Cod's Head And Shoulders To Boil

Wash it clean; tie it up, and dry it with a cloth. Allow in the proportion of every three measures of water, one of salt; when it boils take off the scum; put in the fish, and keep it boiling very fast for twenty-five or thirty minutes. Serve with the roe and milt parboiled, cut into slices, an fried, and garnish with curled parsley and horse-radish. Sauces; - oyster, melted butter, or anchovy butter.