Coffee Bonbons

Take about a pint of coffee made with water; put in it a pound of loaf-sugar; set it on the fire and boil it to a high degree; then add a full pint of double cream, and let it boil again, keeping continually stirring till it comes to caramel height; to know when it is come to that point, you must have a basin of water by you; dip jour finger in it, and put it quickly in your sugar, then in the water again, to remove the sugar, which will have stuck to it; take a bit of it in your teeth; if it is hard in its crackling, take it off, it is sufficiently done; pour it upon a tin plate, which must be rubbed before with a little butter, or it will stick to the plate; then spread it with a rolling pin; (observe, the polling pin must likewise be rubbed with butter, for fear it should stick;) when it is warm, you may cut it into little squares, lozenges, or any other shaped pastilles, and draw a few strokes over them with a knife.

Coffee Conserves

Clarify and boil to the first degree a pound of sugar; take the sugar off the fire, and put into it one cup of coffee; stir it about until it comes to the sixth degree, that the conserve may take the sugar and dry.

Coffee Eggs

Make some good strong coffee; let it rest to clear as usual, and sweeten it with sugar according to discretion; beat up six yolks of eggs, with about four cups of coftee, and sift it; pour this into little moulds in the form of eggs, or of any other, (do not fill them quite,) and bake in a mild oven, or a Dutch one, or with a brazing-pan; cover between two fires. They are made after this manner, in the shape of any fruits or birds, if you have proper moulds, either of copper or china, etc.