Common Cake (1)

Take two quarts of flour, mix with it three-quarters of a pound of butter, a tea-cupful of fresh yeast, one pint of milk, nine well-beaten eggs two pounds of well-cleaned currant.-, one pound and a half of good brown .sugar, the grated peel of a lemon, and one nutmeg; a glass of brandy must be stirred in just before it be put into a buttered tin. Bake it for two hours or more.

Common Cake (2)

Rub into one pound of flour a quarter of a pound of good butter; mix, with two well-beaten eggs and a table-spoonful of fresh yeast, as much warm milk as will make the flour into a very thick batter. Let this remain near the fine, covered with a cloth for an hour, then mix into it six ounces of good brown sugar, and nine ounces of well-cleaned and dried currants; let it stand again for half an hour, and bake it in a buttered tin for an hour.

Common Cake (3)

One pound and a half of flour, one pound of good brown sugar, eight well-beaten eggs, and one ounce of caraway seeds, are to be mixed together; then add of fresh yeast, milk, and of water, one table-spoonful each. Let it stand a little time, and bake it in a floured tin.