Currant Cakes (1)

Take two pounds of fine flour, one pound and a half of butter, the yolks of five or six eggs, one pound and a half of sugar, six spoonfuls of white wine, three spoonfuls of caraway seeds, two nutmegs, and one pound of currants; beat up the butter with your hand till it is very thin; dry the flour well; put in the caraway seeds, and nutmegs, finely grated; afterwards put them all into your batter, with the eggs, white wine, and rose water; mingle them well together; put in the currants; let your oven be pretty hot, and as soon as they are colored they will be sufficiently done.

Currant Cakes (2)

Take half a pound of cleaned and dried currants, the same quantity of dried and sifted flour, a quarter of a pound of pounded sugar, a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, four yolks, and three whites of eggs, both well beaten, and a little grated nutmeg or pounded cinnamon; then beat the butter to a cream; add the sugar, and then the eggs and the flour; beat these well for twenty minutes, mix in the currants and the grated nutmeg. Drop the cakes in a round form upon buttered paper, or bake them in small tins in a quick oven.

Currant Cakes (3)

Take six ounces of currants, the same quantity of pounded loaf sugar, a little grated nutmeg, half a pound of butter, and three-quarters of a pound of dried and sifted flour; rub the butter with the flour till they be well mixed, then add the other ingredients, and bind them with three beaten yolks of eggs, and two or three spoonfuls of rose or orange-flower water; roll it out, and cut it into round cakes with the top of a wine glass or a tin.