Peach Cordial

Take a peck of cling-stone peaches; such as come late in the season, and are very juicy. Pare them, and cut them from the stones. Crack about half the stones and save the kernels. Leave the remainder of the stones whole, and mix them with the cut peaches; add also the kernels. Put the whole into a wide-mouthed demijohn, and pour on them two gallons of double-rectified whisky. Add three pounds of rock-sugar candy. Cork it tightly, and set it away for three months: then bottle it, and it will be fit for use. It will be improved in clearness by covering the bottom of a sieve with blotting-paper (secured with pins) and straining the cordial through it.

Raspberry Cordial

To each quart of raspberries allow a pound of loaf-sugar. Mash the raspberries and strew the sugar over them, having first pounded it slightly, or cracked it with the rolling-pin. Let the raspberries and sugar set till next day, keeping them well covered, then put them in a thin linen bag and squeeze out the juice with your hands. To every pint of juice allow a quart of double-rectified whisky. Cork it well, and set it away for use. It will be ready in a few days.

Raspberry Vinegar (which, mixed with water, is a pleasant and cooling beverage in warm weather) is made exactly in the same manner as the cordial, only substituting the best white vinegar for the whisky.

Blackberry Cordial

Take the ripest blackberries. Mash them, put them in a linen bag and squeeze out the juice. To every quart of juice allow a pound of beaten loaf-sugar. Put the sugar into a large preserving-kettle, and pour the juice on it. When it is all melted; set it on the fire, and boil it to a thin jelly. When cold, to every quart of juice allow a quart of brandy. Stir them well together, and bottle it for use. It will be ready at once.