Fish Ketchup

Take rather more than a pint of vinegar, three pints of red Port, two table-spoonfuls of pepper, pound-d very fine, plenty of shallots and horseradish, the pee! of half a lemon, and two or three bay-leaves, and a pound of anchovies; let the whole boil together until the anchovies are dissolved, then strain, and when cold, put it into bottles. Two or three spoonfuls are sufficient for a pound of butter.

English Ketchup

Peel ten cloves of garlic, bruise them, and put them into a quart of white wine vinegar; take a quart of white Port, put it on the fire, and when it boils, put in twelve or fourteen anchovies, washed and cut in pieces; let them simmer in the wine till they are dissolved; when cold, put them to the vinegar; then take half a pint of white wine, and put into it some mace, some ginger sliced, a few cloves, a spoonful of whole pepper bruised; let them boil a little; when almost cold, slice in a whole nutmeg, and some lemon-peel, with two or three spoonfuls of horse-radish; add it to the rest, stop it close, and stir it once or twice a day. Keep it close stopped up.

See Mushroom Ketchup.

Lobster Ketchup

Choose a lobster that is full of spawn, and weighing as nearly as possible three pounds; pick out all the meat, and pound the red part or coral in a marble mortar; when completely bruised, add the meat; pound, and moisten it with a little sherry wine, mix with it a tea-spoonful of cayenne, add the rest of the bottle of sherry, and mix it thoroughly; put it into two wide-mouthed buttles, and on the top put a small table-spoonful of whole pepper, cork the bottles tightly, and tie them oxer with leather. It will keep good a twelve-month, and exactly resembles fresh lobster sauce. Four table-spoonfuls heated in melted butter are sufficient for a large sauce-tureen.