Put into a saucepan the yolks of sixteen eggs, the rinds of two lemons, half an ounce of salt, and two ounces of sugar; on these pour a pint of boiling cream, stirring it quick; set it on the fire, but do not let it boil, strain it through a bolting, and then let it cool; take two pounds of flour, and make a quarter of it into leaven with half an ounce of yeast and a little warm water, keep it rather moist, and put it into a warm place to rise: in the meantime, make the remainder of the flour into a paste, with the cream and a quarter of a pound of butter, knead it up five or six times; then put in the leaven, and knead it again twice; tie it up in a floured cloth, and set it in a warm place. In about two hours take it out, and cut the paste in pieces the size of an egg, form them to that shape, and lay them on a baking tin, and leave them for half an hour to rise, then gild and bake them in a hot oven; when done, open each on one side, take out a little of the crumb, in the place of which put a bit of butter worked up with a little salt, and serve them.