Couglauffle, German

Take three pounds of flour, an ounce and a half of yeast, an ounce of fine salt, a quarter of a pound of sugar, twelve eggs, the yolks of twelve more, two pounds of fresh butler, three glasses of milk, and a quarter of a pound of sweet almonds. Proceed with these materials in the following manner: - put the butter (having slightly wanned half a pound of it), into a glazed pan, and with a large wooden spoon work it up for six or seven minutes; then put in two whole eggs, and stir it two minutes; then add three yolks, and stir again two minutes; in this manner put in the whole number of eggs and yolks; which will produce a kind of smooth cream. Then by degrees mix in two pounds of the flour, dissolve the yeast in a glass of warm milk, strain it through a napkin, stir this in well, with another half pound of flour; make a hollow in the paste, in which put the salt and sugar in powder; afterwards pour on it a glass of hot milk, and mix the whole together with the remainder of the flour; continue to work it up for some minutes after the whole ingredients are put in, adding a small quantity of warm milk, which will render it smooth. Have a mould ready, butter it, and lay the sweet almonds, each cut in half, over the bottom of the mould, in forms, on which pour the paste carefully, and in small quantities, so as not to derange the almonds. Place your mould in a warm, but not a hot place, that the cake may rise properly; and when that operation has taken place, put it into a moderate oven, which should be kept closed; in an hour's time look at the Couglauffle, and if it be flexible, and of a light color, let it remain thirty or forty minutes longer; but if it be firm and red it is sufficiently done; when taken from the mould, put it into the oven again for a few minutes.

Couglauffles, Small

To make a dozen small couglauffles, take three quarters of a pound of flour, three drachms of yeast, two of salt, two whole eggs, three yolks, two ounces of sugar, a little cream, and half a pound of butter. The preparation is made the same as the German Couglauffle. When the paste is made, divide it into twelve equal parts; butter a dozen small biscuit moulds, and fill each with your preparation, and let them stand: when risen so as to fill the moulds, put them into a brisk oven, and take them out as soon as they are of a light color.