Mix a quart of flour, half a nutmeg grated, the yolks of four eggs beaten, with four spoonfuls of rosewater, into a stiff paste, with cold water; then rub in a pound of butter, and make into a cracknel shape; put them into a kettle of boiling water, and boil them till they swim; then take them out, and put them into cold water; when hardened, lay them out to dry, and bake them on tin plates.

Cracknels Small Soft

Blanch half a pound of sweet almonds, and pound them to a fine paste, adding to them by degrees six eggs; when thoroughly pounded, pour on them a pound of powder-sugar, the same of butter, and the rinds of two lemons grated; beat up these ingredients in the mortar: put a pound of flour on a slab, and having poured the almond paste on it, knead them together until they are well incorporated; roll it out, and cut the cracknels into such forms as you may think proper, rub them with yolk of egg, and strew over them powder-sugar or cinnamon: then lay them on a buttered tin, and bake them in a moderate oven, taking great care that they do not burn. When done, put them into glasses, and if preserved in a dry place they are the better for keeping.