A quart of cream.

Four eggs.

Sifted flour sufficient for a thick batter.

A small tea-spoonful of pearl-ash, or a larger one of sal-aeratus. A small tea-spoonful of salt.

Beat four eggs till very light, and stir them by degrees into a quart of cream. Add, gradually, enough of sifted flour to make a thick baiter. Put in the salt. Dissolve the pearl-ash in as much vinegar as will cover it, and stir it in at the last.

Bake the mixture in muffin-rings. Send the cakes to table quite hot. Pull then: open, and butter them.

For these cakes sour cream is better than sweet.

Cream Cakes (1)

Put a pound of flour upon a pie-board; make a hole in the middle, put in half a pint of clotted cream, and a little salt; mix the paste lightly, let it stand for half an hour, then add half a pound of butter; roll it out, five times, the same as puff paste, and form it into small cakes; gild them with the yolk of egg, and bake in an oven.

Cream Cakes (2)

Sift some double-refined sugar; beat the whites of seven or eight eggs; shake in as many spoonfuls of the sugar; grate in the rind of a large lemon; drop the froth on a' paper, laid on tin, in lumps at a distance; sift a good deal of sugar over them; set them in a moderate oven; the froth will rise; just color them; you may put raspberry jam, and stick two bottoms together; put them in a cool oven to dry

Cream Cakes (3)

Put into a stewpan, two glasses of cream, a quarter of a pound of butter, the rind of a lemon, cut small, a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar, and a pinch of salt. Set it on the fire, and when it begins to boil, put it by the side of the stove; take out the lemon-peel, and add, by degrees, as much flour as the liquid will bear; keep stirring it constantly, and place it on the fire again, for five minutes, then pour it into a basin; add to it, one by one, as many eggs as will make the paste stick to the fingers; put the paste on a slab, and make your cakes of a round form.