Muffins (1)

Take one pint of milk quite warm, and a quarter of a pint of thick small-beer yeast; strain them into a pan, and add sufficient flour to make it like a batter; cover it over, and let it stand in a warm place until it has risen; then add a quarter of a pint of warm milk, and one ounce of butter rubbed in some flour quite fine; mix them well together: then add sufficient flour to make it into dough, cover it over, and let it stand half an hour; then work it up again, and break it into small pieces: roll them up quite round, and cover them over for a quarter of an hour; then bake them.

Muffins (2)

Mix two pounds of flour with a couple of eggs, two ounces of butter melted in a pint of milk, and four or five spoonfuls of yeast; beat it thoroughly, and set it to rise two or three hours. Bake it on a hot hearth in flat cakes, and turn them, when done, on one side.

Muffins (3)

Take two quarts of warm water, two spoonfuls of yeast, three pounds of flour; beat it well for half an hour, and let it stand an hour or two; bake them on an iron baking-stove (rub it well aver with mutton-suet as often as they are laid on); as soon as they begin to color, turn them; they will be sufficiently baked when colored on both sides.