Truss them, keeping on their heads, but draw the legs within the body; mix well some salt and pepper with flour and a piece of butter, and put a small bit into each bird; fry them all over of a nice brown in butter. Brown some butter and flour, and add to it some good gravy, seasoned with pepper, salt, mace, and two cloves pounded; boil up the sauce, put in the moorfowl, and let them stew very slowly till tender. A little before taking them off the fire, add a table-spoonful of mushroom ketchup. If the birds are old, stew them for two hours; if young ones, half that time. Cold roasted moorfowl are dressed exactly in the same way only cut into joints, and stewed very gently nearly as long. Half an hour before serving, a small tea-cupftil of Port wine should be added.