Cressy Soup (1)

Wash clean, and cut small, eight carrots, eight turnips, three heads of celery, and six onions; put them in a stewpan with a quarter of a pound of butter and a slice of ham, stew them gently for an hour, stirring them constantly: when they begin to brown add as much gravy soup as will fill the tureen; let it boil till the vegetables are sufficiently tender to pulp with a spoon through a sieve, after which put it on the fire and boil it half an hour, skin, and season it with pepper and salt. This soup should be as thick as melted butter. Two pounds of beef boiled in four quarts of water till reduced to three, will answer for the soup.

Cressy Soup (2)

Slice twelve large onions, and fry them pretty brown in a quarter of a pound of fresh butter; scrape and clean two dozen of good red carrots, boil them in four quarts of water till quite soft; pound them in a marble mortar, mix them with the onions and add the liquor in which the carrots were boiled, a bunch of sweet herbs, pepper, salt, a blade of mace, and two or three cloves; let them all boil about an hour, then rub them through a hair sieve; put it on again to boil rather quickly, till it be as thick as rich cream. Put a little dry boiled rice in the tureen, and pour the soup over it. " If the carrots are large, one dozen will be found sufficient.