Mullagatawny Soup (1)

Put half a pound of fresh butter, with six large onions sliced, three cloves of garlic, some chopped parsley, and sweet marjoram, into a stewpan, let it stew over a slow fire till of a light brown color; cut in small pieces five pounds of lean beef, and let that stew till the gravy be extracted, and then put in three quarts of boiling water, and half a pound of Scotch barley, and let it simmer four hours very slowly; mix four table-spoonfuls of curry-powder with cold water, and add it to the stock; take out the beef, and rub the barley through a sieve, to thicken the soup. Cut a fowl in joints, skin it, and put it in a stewpan with a piece of butter, and let it stew till quite tender; the stewpan must be kept closely covered: this to be added to the soup, the last thing, with a pint of boiling milk, and the juice of two lemons. Boiled rice must always be seeded with this soup.

Mullagatawny Soup (2)

Make a strong stock of the bones of roasted beef, mutton, and fowl; while it is preparing, put into a stewpan, with six ounces of butter, three quarts of sliced turnip, two quarts of carrots, and. eight large onions also sliced; let them stew upon the stove till tender; then add three quarts of the prepared stock, a large slice of the crumb of bread, and two table-spoonfuls of curry-powder; let them stew four or five hours; strain it through a tammy cloth, with two wooden spoons, taking care that no bones be left amongst the vegetables; if too thick to go through, add more stock. Then cut a fowl in pieces, fry it in a frying-pan with butter, and add it to the soup; after it has boiled a little, draw it to the side of the stove, and let it simmer, that the grease may be taken off". A little good beef stock, in addition to that made of the bones will be an improvement. It is sometimes thickened with whole or ground rice, instead of bread, and ought to be made upon a stove.

Curry Soup, Or Mullagatawny

Cut four pounds of a breast of veal into pieces, about two inches by one; put the trimmings into a stewpan with two quarts of water, with twelve corns of black pepper, and the same of allspice; when it boils, skim it clean, and let it boil an hour and a half, then strain it off; while it is boiling, fry of a nice brown in butter the bits of veal and four onions; when they are done, put the broth to them; put it on the fire; when it boils, skim it clean; let it simmer half an hour; then mix two spoonfuls of curry, and the same of flour, with a little cold water and a tea-spoonful of salt; add these to the soup, and simmer it gently till the veal is quite tender, and it is ready; or bone a couple of fowls or rabbits, and stew them in the manner directed above for the veal, and you may put in a bruised es-chalot, and some mace and ginger, instead of black pepper and allspice.

Curry Soup

Mince small three or four onions, according to their size, put them into a saucepan with two ounces of butter, dredge in some flour, and fry them till of a light brown, taking care not to burn them; rub in by degrees a large table-spoonful and a half of curry-powder, till it be quite a paste; gradually stir in three quarts of gravy soup, mixing it well together; boil it gently till it be well flavored with the curry-powder; strain it into another saucepan, and add a fowl skinned and cut in small pieces, dividing each joint; stew it slowly an hour. In half a pint of the soup put a large table-spoonful of tamarinds, and stew them so as to separate the stalks and stones; strain and stir it into the soup with half a tea-spoonful of salt, and boil it for fifteen minutes before serving.