Stewed Cucumbers

Peel and cut cucumbers in quarters, take out the seeds, and lay them on a cloth to drain off the water: when they are dry, flour and fry them in fresh butter; let the butter be quite hot before you put in the cucumbers; fry them till they are brown, then take them out with an egg-slice, and lay them on a sieve to drain the fat from them (some cooks fry sliced onions, or some small button onions, with them, till they are a delicate light blown color, drain them from the fat, and then put them into a stewpan with as much gravy as will cover them): stew slowly till they are tender; take out the cucumber with a slice, thicken the gravy with flour and better, give it a boil up season it with pepper and salt, and put in the cucumbers; as soon as they are warm, they are ready. The above, rubbed through a tamis, or fine sieve, will be entitled to be called "cucumber sauce." See Cucumber Vinegar. This is a very favorite sauce with lamb or mutton-cutlets, stewed rump-steaks, etc. etc.: when made for the latter, a third part of sliced onion is sometimes fried with the cucumber.

Cucumbers And Onions, Sliced

Cut full-grown cucumbers into slices about a quarter of an inch thick, and slice some onions thin; then lay them into a dish together, and strew salt over them; cover them with another dish, and let them remain for twenty-four hours. Put them into a cullender to drain, then into a large jar, and pour over them boiled vinegar, three successive days; the last time of boiling the vinegar add pepper and ginger, pour it over them hot, and closely cover them when cold.

Cucumber Mangoes

Cut a long narrow piece out of the sides of large Turkey cucumbers, scoop out the seeds, and with a part of them mix some mustard seed, shred garlic, and grated horse-radish; stuff the space as full as it will admit of, and replace the piece which was cut off; bind them with a thread; put over them hot vinegar three successive days, and boil with it the last time pepper, flour of mustard, and some salt; put them into jars, and pour over them the boiling vinegar, and when cold, cover them closely.