Damsons Bottled

Gather them on a dry day before they are ripe, when they have just turned their color. Put them in wide-mouthed bottles, cork them close, and let them stand a fortnight; then carefully examine them, and if any of them are mouldy or spotted, take them out of the bottles, and cork the rest close. Put the bottles in sand, and they will keep good till the spring.

Damson Dumplings

Make a good hot paste crust, roll it pretty thin, lay it in a basin, and put in as many damsons as you please. Wet the edge of the paste and close it up; boil it in a cloth for an hour; pour melted butter over it, grate sugar round the edge of the dish, and serve.

Damson, Or Other Plum Cheese

Take damsons that have been preserved without sugar; pass them through a sieve, to take out the skins and stones. To every pound of pulp of fruit put half a pound of loaf sugar, broke small; boil them together till it becomes quite stiff; pour it into four common-sized dinner plates, rubbed with a little sweet oil; put it into a warm place to dry, and when quite firm, take it from the plate, and cut it into any shape you choose. N. B. - Damson cheese is generally used in desserts.

Damsons For Winter Use

Gather the damsons when just ripe, and perfectly sound; fill a two-gallon brandy keg, and pour over two pounds of molasses; close the keg firmly, and turn it every day.